Today is the longest day of the year and temperature could shoot up to 49 degree Celsius


    By Aftab Kazmi, Bureau Chief

    Al Ain: The year’s longest day on Saturday (June 21) will herald the start of summer in the UAE, with more than 14 hours of sunlight expected in hot and humid conditions.

    Known as the summer solstice, this phenomenon occurs when the Earth’s North Pole points right at the sun. At this time of the year, people living in the north of the Arctic circle will see the sun all day and night, while those in Antarctica will not see the sun at all.

    The UAE is located in the northern hemisphere. The temperature could shoot up to 49 degree Celsius at some places on Saturday.

    Meteorologists said the day would be 14 hours and 23 minutes long on Saturday. The sun will rise at 5.29am and set at 7.12pm in Dubai. Sunrise and sunset has a time difference of a few minutes in cities across the UAE. More info