Traffic nightmare around Dubai World Trade Centre; take the metro to Gitex


By Majorie van Leijen

If your destination today is anywhere close to the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), it is better that you leave the car home and take the metro, as there is heavy traffic congestion around the area at the moment.

Gitex Technology Week 2013 is taking place at DWTC, attracting thousands of visitors who come and go from early morning until late afternoon.

The result is continuous and heavy flow of vehicles to DWTC.

“I spent almost two hours just trying to reach the exit towards the parking area. My wife had another destination, so she got out and took the metro. She managed to finish her job and come back to DWTC even before I had reached the parking area,” said a frustrated visitor.

A couple of smart road users took the service road which became as congested as Sheikh Zayed Road.

The metro offers a more stress-free option to visit Gitex, and a time consuming one too depending on where you start. More info