Training program for obtaining motorbike-driving license



The policy aims at enhancing the safety of vehicles & drivers, offering services at world-class standards

Represented in the Licensing Agency, the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has developed a new policy for those intending to obtain motorbike driving licenses, whereby the trainee has to complete five key stages during the training, qualification and testing process, in keeping with RTA strategy to provide safety to all road users in the Dubai Emirate.

Commenting on the new system, the Director of Drivers Licensing Sultan Al Marzooki said: “The new system for training & testing motorbike drivers, which is currently being run in coordination with all driving institutes in the Emirate, is superior to the previous system as more attention is being paid towards ensuring the availability of all safety & security items during training & testing operation such that driving license applicants are now obliged to put on helmets, gloves, shoes and long-sleeve shirts during driving. The previous internal test, comprising a test on the shape of the figure (8), has been changed in the new system to two internal tests”.

“Licensing Agency is always seeking to provide customers applying for training or driving tests with the best services at world-class standards as the Agency fully appreciates the need to provide the best means of protecting motorbike drivers, as they are among the category of the most risk-prone drivers on roads,” said Al Marzooki.

“The underlying objective of these new training policies is to assist motorbike drivers in gaining high driving skills and ensuring advanced training & testing standards with a view to ensuring safety for themselves as well as road users” added Al Marzooki.

This new policy of training & testing those interested in obtaining motorbike driving licenses has been developed to include five stages. The first stage is to provide Motorbike Booklet; a manual for safe driving written in three languages; Arabic, English and Urdu.

The second stage of training includes the basics of motorbike driving skills which grow in the applicant the potentials of controlling & moving the motorbike and how to use the gear. The third stage focuses on developing applicant’s driving skills such that the trainee can clear the first internal test.

Stage four of the training focuses on learning advanced driving skills to assist in avoiding accidents. This stage helps the trainee pass the second internal test. The fifth and last stage helps the trainee apply skills gained in previous internal stages on road driving, which will help the trainee in passing the external road test.