Truck, bus drivers most dangerous in Dubai: RTA


By Staff

Statistics reveal that truck and bus drivers are considered the most dangerous category amongst road users, and traffic accidents involving heavy vehicles often result in considerable number of causalities, said Hussain Al Banna, Director of Traffic at the Road and Transport Authority (RTA).

Extra attention is therefore being given to truck and bus drivers in Dubai in order to raise their safety standards and skills.

“We are keen on offering heavy vehicle drivers more training and qualification exposure after obtaining their driving licenses,” Al Banna said.

The RTA is cooperating with concerned traffic safety specialists and mega transportation companies to increase exposure and intensify the awareness efforts.

“In the near future, we will be targeting bus and truck drivers through certain messages after compiling a comprehensive database about them in cooperation with the RTA Licensing Agency and telecommunications companies in the UAE,” Al Banna explained.

Several awareness campaigns have been held over the last couple of months with educative leaflets and posters dedicated to truck drives distributed at highways across the Emirate, specially at Jebel Ali, Fruits & Vegetables Market, Heavy Vehicles Testing & Registration Centre, Drivers Training Centre, and Ghuwaifat Border Post.

An event was recently held at the RTA premises where Tristar Company held several awareness events oriented to truck and bus drivers, where it was once again emphasised that human fault is the most common trigger for accidents to take place.

The Public Bus Drivers Training Centre at Al Awir saw an immense turnout of truck and bus drivers as well as bus inspectors from the RTA and the Dubai Police, said the RTA. More info