Two threatened with rape, murder over office affair


By Eman Balik

The Dubai Criminal Court is hearing the testimonies of witnesses in a closed session in a case where a Pakistani woman and an Emirati man are accused of threatening to murder two women and getting their services terminated from their company.

The women were forced to record abusive statements on a mobile phone against their employer to get their services terminated. (FILE)
The women were forced to record abusive statements on a mobile phone against their employer to get their services terminated. (FILE)

Four women – three Pakistanis and a Briton – appeared in the court and presiding judge Al Saeed Barghouth asked them to give their testimonies in a closed session after the court’s hearing.

Tahmina H, 24, a Pakistani employee, testified before the prosecution that on April 15 she went with her friend, Fayeqa S, to Deira City Centre. While leaving, they saw the accused. MSS, 24, a female colleague, offered them a lift in a car driven by AAM, 28, an Emirati who works in the same company.

They accepted the offer. On the way, AAM suddenly stopped the car and three Africans got into the vehicle, Tahmina testified.

MSS then asked them to read loud abusive statements against their employer, which was to be used to get their services terminated from the company. She also threatened that if they did not do so, she will ask the Africans to rape them.

The two women obeyed and MSS recorded their voice on her mobile phone.

AAM dropped them off at their accommodation and on the following day MSS came to their house and threatened them again, forcing them to complain to the police.

Mahezabin T, 24, a Pakistani employee at the firm, testified that MSS used to create problems for Tahmina because the latter knew about the ‘illegal’ relationship between MSS and AAM.

MSS used to threaten her with service termination and murder in order to stop Tahmina from spreading the news.

Fadel M, 41, an Emirati operations director at Dubai Metro, testified before the prosecution that the two accused, who were former employees of the company, used to collect money from staff and then threaten them. Many had complained against them, including the people involved in the case.

Fadel terminated their services, but MSS did not give her passport for visa cancellation, which was apparently with AAM.

Ciati R, 35, Briton, director, testified that the three women employees were afraid to come forward and complain against the two about an incident that happened in the parking lot of the building where the company is located.

Later, an employee told her that MSS uses threats and how she recorded their voices abusing the company’s management.

MSS was arrested for making murder threats and AAM was accused of criminal participation.

In their previous hearing, the two denied the accusations before the Dubai Criminal Court and submitted a document proving that the woman was at work on the day the incident happened.

The court has sought an Arabic version of the document.