UAE guide to hottest New Year's Eve gigs

By Bindu Suresh Rai
If you have lived in sunshine city long enough, then surely you have or still are suffering from what we native expats like to call, the Dubai Syndrome.

The condition comprises a bunch of eccentric behavioural patterns, but the most of common one of them all is the procrastination in planning your New Year’s Eve night.

Endless calls to mates, researching the web to look over the same gigs and eavesdropping at your neighbourhood coffee shop is normal as the pressure builds to plan that special night out that comes just once every year.

Emirates 24|7 has decided to make things a tad bit easy this time around by presenting you with a list of the top billed events on December 31, with enough options to satisfy the party animal in you.

But don’t fret; those looking for a posh nosh affair, a family night out or an Asian extravaganza also have plenty to choose from.

So we say, plan away folks and have Happy 2012! More info