UAE residents concerned over mini-drones


By Aghaddir Ali, Staff Reporter

Dubai: Residents are worried about the use of mini-drones by individuals, which they say is on the rise. These easy-to-buy miniature helicopters are equipped with cameras and video recording devices and residents say they can be used to spy on people.

The drones can be bought for as little as Dh220 at DragonMart and between Dh2,000 and Dh13,000 at other stores.

Gulf News bought a radio-controlled four rotor copter with a high-definition camera, which can also record video, for just Dh220. It is equipped with a base that can rotate 360 degrees, allowing the lens to photograph in all directions.

We flew our drone outside. Its video recording was of high quality and its pictures were very clear.

Saeed Al Habshi, an Al Ain resident, told Gulf News he has seen many such devices in the skies above Al Ain and hopes the authorities will limit the use of such technology.

“If I am sitting in my garden with my family and see such planes above our heads I immediately take them into the house as I’m afraid the plane’s owner might take images of us and post them on social networks.” More info