UAE weekend weather: Clouds, fog and rough seas ahead

Plan for the weekend with this 5-day forecast.

UAE weekend weather: Clouds, fog and rough seas ahead
UAE weekend weather: Clouds, fog and rough seas ahead

The UAE’s weather forecast by the National Centre of Meteorology predicts fair to partly cloudy skies in general, with increased humidity at night and a probability of mist formation over some internal areas by Friday morning.

Winds will blow at light to moderate speeds in a southeasterly to northeasterly direction, reaching 15 – 25kmph, sometimes blowing at 32kmph at times.

Sea conditions are expected to remain at slight to moderate wave heights in the Arabian Gulf and in Oman Sea.

Temperatures are expected to reach highs of 20-25ºC along the coast and islands, 22-26 ºC in internal areas, and 18-30ºC at the mountain ranges.

Minimum temperatures are expected to drop to 13-17ºC along the coast and islands, 11-15 ºC in internal lands, and 7-11ºC at the mountain ranges.

Humidity levels are expected to range between 30 to 45% at the coast and islands, 25 to 40% in internal lands, and 20 to 30% at the mountain ranges.

Maximum humidity levels may reach 70 to 90% at the coast, islands and internal areas, and 50 to 70% at the mountain ranges.

Minimum recorded temperatures in the UAE were higher than the previous days, reaching 7.1ºC in both Raknah and Damtha areas.

The UAE’s weekend weather forecast shows cloudy to partly cloudy skies for the next few days, with winds picking up speed on Saturday reaching 40kmph. More

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