Unstable weather continues in UAE: Rain likely to bring down temperature


By Bindu Suresh Rai/Staff  www.emirates247.com

Dubai residents wake up to light drizzle and dark clouds on Thursday morning.

Parents of school-going children who went out of their homes early in the morning to drop their children at the bus stop told Emirates 24|7 that the light rain was welcome after the recent increase in temperatures.

The NCMS forecasts unstable weather to continue affecting the country. Hazy to partial cloudy/cloudy weather in general.

The official forecaster says, “the cloud amount will increase over scattered areas with a chance of rain associated with different intensity, especially during night.”

Fresh winds will be strong at times with cloud activity, and blow dust/ sands over open land areas reducing the horizontal visibility at times.

The temperature is also likely to drop considerably in certain areas.

However, the maximum temperature expected in the internal areas are in the range of 32-38 deg C. The minimum will be around 14-21 deg C.

The coastal areas will be slightly cooler with maximum temperature around 26-33 deg C and minimum hovering around 15-22 deg C. More info