Video: 50 workers evacuated after fire at Umm Al Quwain factory

No casualties were reported.

50 workers evacuated after fire at Umm Al Quwain factory

The civil defence firefighters in the emirate of Umm Al Quwain managed to put out a big fire in a clothes factory here in the Old Industrial area and evacuate up to 50 workers.

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Col Khamis Ibrahim Bulsali, acting director of the UAQ civil defence department, said the factory suddenly caught fire for no clear reason.

“The flames quickly spread to the entire factory, and destroyed a big part of it. However, no casualties were reported.”

The central operations room of UAQ Police, having been alerted of the blaze, dispatched traffic police, ambulances, paramedics and rescue teams to the site in record time.

“The well-trained firefighters managed to put out the flames using water and foam, and cooled down the factory so that the fire does not start again.

“All factories’ owners need to observe safety, environment and health rules and regulations,” he said.

Dumping wastes in a random way and haphazardly storing items are not recommended for being blamed in so many fires, he explained.

By Ahmed Shaaban /Umm Al Quwain