Video: Dubai’s Sheikh Hamdan swims with whale sharks

Whale sharks are filter feeders with 300 to 350 rows of tiny teeth.


Sheikh Hamdan’s love for animals is known to all.

Whether it’s saving a turtle stuck at a beach, spending time with his favourite horse, or diving with an elephant, fans of Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, can catch up all the exiting videos on his Instagram page.

The latest video posted by Sheikh Hamdan for his fans is that of him swimming with whale sharks.

“Swimming with these giant sharks is truly a breathtaking experience, one that is difficult to put into words. The more we swim with these creatures, the more we understand, respect and appreciate them,” Sheikh Hamdan said in the Instagram post.

Whale sharks are filter feeders with an average life expectancy of 70 years. They have 300 to 350 rows of tiny teeth and 10 filter pads which they use to filter feed. More

By WEb report