Video: Massive umbrella to shield pilgrims at Makkah

Its design has been completed

Video: Massive umbrella to shield pilgrims at Makkah

A massive umbrella will now protect millions of pilgrims from heat at the Grand  Mosque of Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

The design work of the umbrella project has been completed, Major General Muhammad Al-Ahmadi, commander of Grand Mosque security forces, was quoted as saying by the  Al Arabiya. The plan is expected to be implemented next year.

The video of the project has been shared on the social media and has gone viral.

The clip shows a huge umbrella shielding  the holy Kabba and the pilgrims  at the site.

Every year millions of Muslims from across the globe perform Haj and Umrah at the Grand Mosque amid scorching heat.

With the Haj seasons falling in hot summers for the next 10 years, pilgrims are at risk of getting sun strokes and dehydrated.

The new project intends to bring relief for the pilgrims in coming years. More info

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