Video: Robots now park cars in Dubai (and wash them too)


By Shuchita Kapur

Parking woes in Dubai and fines for flouting rules is an annoyance for many. No one likes wandering around in circles at the parking lot, waiting to find an empty spot.

The new-age solution – automated robotic parking – has been available in Dubai for a few months now, and the service is picking up in the few areas that it is currently available in, with MAG Royal Solutions (MRS), the company behind the evolutionary parking robot, claiming that it will soon be available in many more areas in Dubai, as well as in other UAE emirates and across the Gulf region.

“We already have two working systems in Dubai. The latest is in the Emirates Financial Towers in DIFC area. This is a twin tower office building with retail. We have many upcoming plans for Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and the Gulf region,” Rabih Aghnatios, Technical Manager at MRS, told Emirates 24|7.

This new concept not only parks the car for you (even when you are not inside the vehicle), but also washes and cleans it for you if you require it. More info and video