Visitors at Dubai’s Global Village get free entry tickets

Visitors at Dubai's Global Village get free entry tickets

As the gates opened to the region’s largest, most-awaited family entertainment and cultural event of the year – Global Village – today, the visitors were pleasantly surprised at the very ticket counter of the venue.

The entry ticket priced at Dh15 was given out absolutely free to the public.

With a Dh50 note in hand, Syrian nationals and Dubai residents Fatan and Fairuoz stared at the person behind the ticket counter with disbelief. They couldn’t believe it when they were given the free ticket and asked to proceed. “These are the small surprises that bring us to Global Village again and again. We love the food, accessories and the feel of this place and we wait to come here multiple times each year.

We were just curious what would be on offer on the first day and that’s why we are here. The idea of bringing the whole world in one place is amazing. I mean I feel like a traveler who can visit and enjoy so many places in one go,” Fatan said.

Visiting from the UK couple Farhat and Saghir, who decided to include visiting Global village in their one week trip to Dubai just because they were extremely happy with their last visit here. ” The weather is fantastic here, the food is halaal (which is not so common in the UK) and we are getting a mini world tour that too in a glance, I think this sums up our visit well. The icing on the cake will be the fireworks and we are ready to wait till 11pm for that, said an excited Saghir.

It was not only the grandeur of the place that left the people awestruck but also the world class hospitality that they experienced.

Australian national Nadine was over whelmed with the kind of atmosphere she experienced at the Global Village. ” I have never ever seen something like this before. What a beautiful bled of different cultures and the welcoming warm smiles I am getting here. This is my first time in the UAE and I am so glad my niece, A Dubai resident, got me here.

The representation of different countries and the staff here at the Global Village just stole the show. Staff is so helpful here, said Nadine, who has just two more days to go in Dubai but yet she said she would not leave the venue until late night.

It was not only the residents who were lauding the Global Village but also there were tourists who planned their trip to Dubai around the dates of this 22nd season of the event. More info

By Saman Haziq /Dubai