Warning to UAE drivers as heavy rain forecast over weekend

National Meteorological Centre also cautions against going offshore due to roughness of sea

Warning to UAE drivers as heavy rain forecast over weekend

The National Meteorological Centre (NMC) on Thursday urged motorists to take extra caution while driving during the expected heavy rain periods over the weekend.

It said the country will experience a “fluctuation and instability in weather conditions” from Friday to Monday.

In its weather conditions report, the NMC also advised the public to stay away from water collection spots, especially those near the highlands and places where the valleys run.

It also warned against going offshore due to the roughness of the sea in the Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea during this period.

“The country will be affected by an extended surface depression and upper air low pressure with a cool air mass from the north that will result in a gradual increase in the number of clouds with some towering clouds accompanied by rainfall from Friday, especially on the northern and eastern regions and islands,” it said in a statement cited by news agency WAM.

“It is also expected that the depth of the upper air and surface depression will increase further from Saturday to Monday, which will lead to increased cloud amounts over scattered areas of the UAE, accompanied with towering clouds with different intensity rainfall and thunder at times,” the NMC added. More info

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