Watch as UAE’s first trains take to the tracks


By Majorie van Leijen

It is only a matter of time, and the first trains of the GCC Railway will officially be operating, and they will do so in no other place than the UAE.

Currently services are doing test rounds, but the freight trains of Etihad Rail will commence their official services very soon.

This video shows the test rounds of Eithad Rail.

The route is a 150km-long track stretching from Habshan to Ruwais, both located in the most eastern corner of the UAE. Later this year, this route will be extended to southern city of Shah, when the railway will cover 264km.

Habshan and Shah are the main sources of sulphur, an important export product for the UAE. By train, sulphur in granulated form will be transported to Ruwais, where it is exported to countries around the world. The freight trains will be able to do this at a speed of 120km per hour. More info