Watch out for power games in the left lane


By Razmig Bedirian Staff Reporter

Dubai: You are being tailgated.

Your rearview mirror flashes in blinding strobes as a car horn behind you seems to be synchronised with the headlights of the driver’s trigger-happy finger.

Tailgating was responsible for 12 per cent of the traffic accidents in 2014, according to statistics released by the Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols Directorate on Saturday.

Twenty-two people died and 16 were severely injured in 227 traffic accidents caused by tailgating in Abu Dhabi last year.

Egyptian Ahmad M. said he is a tailgater but admits he doesn’t like being on the receiving end of flashing headlights.

“If a driver wants to drive 80km/h, he shouldn’t be in the fast lane,” the 26-year-old civil engineer said, “I usually start flashing these drivers from a significant distance away to give them the opportunity to change lanes. But some are persistent in their lethargy. So I start tailgating them.” More info