Water buses from Dubai to Sharjah


By Muaz Shabandri  www.khaleejtimes.com

Commuting between Dubai and Sharjah may soon include the option of travelling on a water bus as Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) is looking at the possibility of creating new routes connecting the two emirates by sea.

A senior official at RTA confirmed the development saying initial feasibility studies were already underway and it was a matter of time before an announcement would be made.

Speaking with Khaleej Times, CEO of Public Transport Agency (PTA) at RTA Dr Yousif Mohammed Al Ali said: “After the implementation of Salik, we are looking at the possibility of integrating water bus routes and connecting them with different emirates. There are some studies which have been undertaken at the moment.”

During peak hours, traffic on internal roads connecting Dubai and Sharjah continue to remain slow moving and expanding existing roads is no longer an option. The need to develop alternative modes of transport is even greater, taking into account the increasing number of cars registered each year in Dubai. More info