Weather report: It’s going to be a foggy, humid weekend in UAE

Watch out for rising humidity levels over the weekend

Evenings in the UAE have got pleasant with the dip in temperature after the onset of winters.

This weekend the highest temperature in the internal areas could range between 34 t0 39-degree Celsius. And there could be an increase in humidity during the night and morning, according to the weather department.

Sharing the weather update for the weekend, the National Center of Meteorology and Seismology says, the day will be fair in general and partly cloudy at times. The fog density will vary from region to region and will be concentrated on the western and interior regions.

Humidity could vary between 70 to 90 per cent in the coastal areas and 75 to 95 in the internal parts. The temperature for the day could hover between 34 to 39 degree Celsius in the internal areas and 32 to 37 degrees in the coastal belts.

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