Weekend weather: No rain in UAE for next five days

The temperature is expected to rise significantly, by three degrees on next week across the country.

Weekend weather: No rain in UAE for next five days

Parts of the UAE saw scattered rainfall this past week, thanks to the 20 cloud seeding missions carried out by the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) in April alone.

But residents should not expect any further rainfall in the next five days, as chances of cloud activity are “unlikely”, said Dr Ahmad Al Habib, meteorologist at NCM.

Occasional heavy, moderate and light rainfall cooled certain areas of the country this year, ahead of the scorching summer heat, as a total of 61 cloud seeding missions were conducted since the beginning of January.

The missions involve pilots injecting flares of salt into weak clouds, or clouds with light rain, to help enhance rainfall. “We are not expecting any cloud formations in the next five days, so we don’t expect to do any missions. But maybe, closer to Sunday, if there is some cloud activity, we might do a mission,” Dr Habib said. “Cloud seeding helps enhance the rainfall amount, turning a weak cloud or light rain into moderate rain.”

Khaleej Times reported on Monday that sandstorms and rainfall hit parts of Abu Dhabi. On Tuesday, there was also light rain in the Al Quaa region of Abu Dhabi.

“On Tuesday, there was light rain the southern parts of the UAE. Abu Dhabi should be the same, only Fujairah and Al Ain would have different forecast because it’s the eastern parts. There was also some cloud formation and slight chance of light rain, especially near Al Ain. The Oman sea was moderate to rough,” Dr Habib said.

There is no chance of rain this week, he added. “The rain will shift towards Oman. However, there might be a slight chance of fog formation on Friday and Saturday morning along some coastal and internal areas. The weather will be fair in general and hazy at times,” he said.

Temperatures and expected to drop slightly on Thursday evening. On Friday and Saturday, the temperatures will remain stable.

The temperature is expected to rise “significantly”, by three degrees on Sunday next week across the country, with a high temperature of 37°C and a low of 27°C. More

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