Women passengers beat up intruding men


Source:  www.kippreport.com

Frustrated with the disobedient men who insist on entering the Women Only cabin, Delhi women decided to mete out their own brand of punishment.

Kipp has blogged about the wonderful experience that is travelling on the Dubai Metro during rush hour before, and the rants have sure proven therapeutic. But perhaps not as effective as the actions of female passengers on Delhi’s metro; we are officially inspired.

Over the weekend, reports emerged of women passengers, joined by women cops, frustrated by the men who repeatedly entered the “women’s only” cabin. They finally took to slapping the men, and even made them do sit-ups.

The Delhi metro recently instituted the policy of a women’s only cabin after complaints of sexual harassment from female passengers and tourists. And following complaints that men have been entering the metro women-only sections, police at a station in Gurgaon raided the women’s only cabin to weed out the intruders. The actions of the police, it appears, helped encourage the women passengers’ dormant feelings of resentment. It wasn’t long before they joined in on the action and many began slapping and beating the male passengers.

The men were then required to pay a fine of Rs250 (less than Dh20) and were weirdly forced to do sit ups (a humiliation tactic, but we’re not sure how they managed to force them to carry it out).

Gurgaon police commissioner S. Deswal, who led the raid, told The Times: “We found many male passengers in the women’s coach. The moment the women saw us, they got the courage to teach the men a lesson (…) We want our young girls and women to feel confident and safe while travelling in the Metro.”

Kipp is not advocating violence (for once), but having been pushed, squashed, pressed up against, stared down at, and having had our feet trodden upon by many less than courteous Dubai metro passengers, the action of the Delhi women is pretty appealing. A few sit ups wouldn’t hurt some of Dubai’s commuters, we think.