World’s largest shoes store at Dubai Mall now selling 600 pairs a day


By Gillian Duncan

Level Shoe District, the world’s largest shoe store in Dubai Mall, sells 600 pairs a day but aims to almost double the number in the next few years.

The 96,000 square foot store, which includes 300 brands, of which around 40 are stand-alone designer boutiques, opened in October 2012 in an underused area of the mall.

“It was [the previous gold souk] an area that was not doing well,” said Rania Masri, the general manager of fashion concepts at Chalhoub Group, which owns and operates Level Shoe District.

“First of all we very much believed that the concept of one category all under one roof was the right way to go. We had the opportunity of the space. The footwear industry itself is showing immense growth around the world.

“In 2013, the value of the luxury shoe category internationally was US$17 billion. That grew from $15bn the year before.”

The store wants to reach 1,000 sales a day within a few years. More info